Hi all.

device - ZyXell Keenetick Lite III Rev.B

I use SNAPSHOT firmware zyxel_keenetic-extra-ii-squashfs-factory.bin on my Keenetic Lite III. Its work, but not LEDs and WiFi down time to time. After installation SNAPSHOT i can connect to device from LAN/Wifi (default OpenWrt network) by ssh.

But then i try install RELEASE firmware
i dont see default Wifi network and LAN/WAN ports is not active. And i cant connect oto device. Only reflash original keenetick or OpenWrt SNAPSHOT firmwre by TFTP help.

Please clarify which device we are talking about.

IN any case, since I do not see your device officially supported by OpenWrt: Where did you get the information from that an OpenWrt image for the Extra II will work on your device?

Sorry :))) I talk about Keenetic Lite III only now. i Fix my first post

Yes. Lite III is not ofical support, but HW is same as Extra II and i experementally try use FW from Extra II on Lire III Rev B and it worked for me, but SNAPSHOT FW only. RELEASE firmware dont work :))