Release 19.07: TL-RE650 still in snapshots


any chance the TP-Link RE650 makes it into release state for 19.07? It is still only supported by snapshot builds.


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Version 19.07.0 was officially released yesterday. If you don't see it, it will not be included.

The release is done, it usually gets bugfixes only, but no new devices support. Support for new devices will be part of the next (major) release (20.xx.0) though.

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It should have been added to 19.07, as it is supported in snapshots since 18.06. So, question is why it didn't get it to 19.07 release, and when it failed now, why should it then work for 20.xx?

Really?;a=commitdiff;h=8c51ddeff0876b439ac35a3f492ab719085bfb9c suggest that it was only commited on Wed, 17 Jul 2019 22:14:23 +0100 (23:14 +0200)

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Support was added after 19.07 was branched.

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Ok, so I have to wait for 20.xx finally. And no hope that it would be added to release in a service update like 19.07.x?

Like @slh said point releases don't add new devices. If you don't mind building yourself though, you could try backporting the support.

Thanks to all for all the answers.

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