Relayd wireless bridge, ssh access, and mjpg-streamer

Hello All,

I have 3 of these units throughout my home

All are are setup as wired DumbAPs.

All have Webcams connected running mjpg-streamer which broadcast to a motioneye server that runs on an orange PI running Armbian, so all cameras are visable from one source:

All this works great, wired. However, I want to take one of the youhua wr1200js off a wired network, and run it either as Wireless repeater, relayd/bridge. I want to set this unit ontop of one of my kitchen cabinits to serve as a wireless repeater, and broadcast mjpg-streamer camera stream. The issue I'm running I'm running into access ssh to thi unit, and for it to properly stream the camera. Each time I setup the Wireless Bridge, or setup as relayd I lose ssh connectivity. ssh connection is refused unless I am directly wired to the unit, which kind of defeats the purpose of what I want to do with it.


If anyone has some recommendations for me I would apreciate it.

On the relayd repeater you might try going to Luci>System>Administration>SSH Access (or /etc/config/dropbear) and setting the Interface specifically to wwan and see if that gains ssh access, i don't have any ideas about the streaming unfortunately.

For the SSH you'll need to create an IP alias on the PC which is connected to the relayed WiFi in the same subnet as the LAN interface.