Relayd not handling unicast DHCP

So I've been trying to utilize a few different mini routers as wireless bridges specifically for use within a Ruckus Unleashed mesh network. Most of the wrinkles I've ironed out but one thing that is proving problematic is DHCP forwarding. It seems that Ruckus utilizes unicast for handling DHCP traffic. It seems that Ruckus may even do something a bit more proprietary as well that causes issues with relays. While there is a workaround it seems like that is only available on Zone Director managed ruckus systems and so far not on Unleashed.

So I've been attempting to learn a bit more about how DHCP signaling works and see if there is a workaround possible within openwrt. So my question is this: Is relayd capable of handling unicast DHCP discover/offer/reply/acknowledge traffic? I'm getting a setup with the Ruckus and the mini router that I want to use so I can do some tcpdumps but until then I'm just trying to learn more.

As a side question, I've been having trouble locating documentation on the relayd command options/arguments; is there a readme somewhere? I didn't find it with the source on git.

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Appreciate the response. However, this article is where I started and the basics of a relay bridge and relayd are quite familiar to me. Unfortunately I'm not equipped with the proper knowledge to decipher the relayd source and understand if it's possible to modify it, or if there are options for the package, that would enable it to handle these unicast packets.

That said, I may have found a way to disable this special brand of DHCP signaling on the ruckus side of things. Though if I were to ever encounter a ruckus network that I don't control I would not be able to employ this method.