Relayd guest and lan networks between OpenWrt Router and Bridge devices

Hi, not sure how to ask / correctly word the question.

In theory should I be able to relay both the LAN and Guest subnets from Router to bridge and extend both from the bridge AP?
Router has 1 radio. Bridge has 2 radios.

Quest: To offer two SSID's from router (1 LAN + 1 Guest to both access internet but not each other).
To have another device (wireless bridge) connect to router AP as a STA (so router handles dhcp and provides lan/internet access) and the wireless bridge to bring ethernet devices and wifi devices onto the lan but also extend the guest network.

Have achieved half this thanks to forum + wiki, using relayd.
Router on internet, 5g AP works. Bridge connects to router as 5g STA, bridge provides 4 LAN ports and 2g AP. Clients of Bridge (either eth1-4 or 2g AP) get DHCP and internet from Router.
Router guest wifi on same 5g AP works (different subnet). But have not been able to extend the guest network via Bridge 2g AP. Closest I got was just getting DHCP from the LAN

Just "missing" the guest network being repeated by the bridge.

OpenWRT 22.03.2 on two devices
1=Router connected to Internet via its WAN and has Radio0 5g AP LAN
2=Bridge connected to router via 5g STA Radio0. Has Radio1 2g AP.
Relayd setup and was working (LAN clients could connect to ethernet ports of Bridge or via 2g AP and get DHCP from Router).

Should i stick with relayd method / should it be possible? I originally tried WDS and didn't get it working, but found relayd worked well (to the point I had it).

Thank you.

relayd is quite a hack to make this work, I won't be surprised if it won't work by adding another network behind the second router.

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OK, thanks. Is there a possible way to do it without using relayd?

I failed with WDS last time, but I do have a newer MT7921 card that I could swap out the QCA6174 for as perhaps worth a try.

But would that give me a platform that in theory could run two SSIDs off the same radio on the router and then have the wireless bridge using one of its radios to act as station for both SSIDs, while extending both SSIDs via its other radio

Or is there a better way?

If you want to bridge/extend the network from the first router, the wds is your best bet. Otherwise you can have more SSIDs on the second router with routed wifi client.

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OK, thank you. I'll have another go at WDS with current kit and try again with different card if no joy :slight_smile:

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