Relayd don't provide ip on bridge wifi

I have a problem with relayd on WiFi interfaces (bridge wifi).
Relay works fine it provides ip, but when turning off the main router and turning it on, dhcp server dont provide ip address or requests are not reached by dhcp server.

I solve it with:
/etc/init.d/network restart

is there a way to fix this? without restarting network every time.

If I understood you correctly, using this hotplug script may help fix an issue. File name: /etc/hotplug.d/iface/99-stabridge.

File contents:

[ "$INTERFACE" = wwan ] || exit 0
[ "$ACTION" = ifup -o "$ACTION" = ifupdate ] || exit 0
. /lib/functions/; network_get_ipaddr ip wwan;
if [ -n "$(uci -q get network.stabridge)" ]; then
	uci set network.stabridge.ipaddr=$ip
	uci commit network

Of course the interface name either has to be wwan or be changed in the script.


Given that you've set up everything else, I inferred better knowledge of OpenWrt I guess. :wink:

Yes, you will need to create (and make executable) a file at the location/name I've provided and put the script (starting with the shebang) I've provided as well.

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