Relayd and monitoring

Hi back to my project

could somebody explain to my how relayd works ?

Meaning with my ar150 gll-inet modedd configuration (both rj45 plug belong to same switch)

I can mirror all the traffic from br-lan (AP wifi radio0 + 1st rj45 lan plug) to the 2nd rj45 plug

While using relayd as per openwrt wiki

/wifi/relay_configuration?s[]=relayd same modded device plus a second radio (radio1)

I cannot see anything that passes from radio1 (AP) to radio0 (client to main routing station)

probing both the first rj45 plug (lan/br-lan/repeater-bridge ??) and the second rj46 plug ?

I would expect to be able to get the traffic at least on the 1st ethernet rj45 port ? Or not ?

As per the normal non relayd configuration. Should I ?

up maybe get luckier

reposting upper

reposting up