Relay bridge works but bottleneck at 100Mbps with 2.4GHz

I've correctly followed this guide to extend my Wireless network.
Now I'm able, with my Archer C6 AC1200, to be connected wired to the router with the router connected via wifi with my main ISP router.

The only problem is that the maximum download speed is 100Mbps when I have a gigabyte network (connected directly to the main router with the pc wifi I have 320Mbps) I think the bridge between my main router and the one with OpenWrt creates a bottleneck with a max speed of 100Mbps. I have connected the OpenWrt router to the 2,4GHz Wifi with auto channel and a bandwidth of 40MHz and used relay to route the connection to the ETH ports.

The speed on the control panel of the bridge router shows more than 200Mbps tho

Is there a way to use both 2.4 and 5GHz to have the max speed on the bridge?

Are you sure the bottle neck is the wifi.

Have you checked the ethernet connection to your PC, what is the link speed on the ethernet connection to the PC

The network card on the PC is definitely not the issue as, if I connect to the main router I can reach easily 950+Mbps.

I think the bottleneck could be in the configuration of the relay bridge and/or how the bridge router manage the conversion from WiFi to wired ethernet

I use a utp cat5e 4 pairs 26awg cable. Could it be the issue?

You can check the link speed on the PC to make sure it is using gigabit connection and not 100mbit connection


Also you can check the LED indicators on the ethernet port to confirm link speed.

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You use only 20Mhz bandwidth . Try to force to use 40Mhz. It shows 195 Mbit/s so half of this is real.

I already forced it to 40MHz but I can't understand why it shows 20MHz on the connection...


EDIT I'm now able to reach around 110/120Mbps max

I don't think you can go any further with 2.4 802.11n.
Upgrade your hw in about 1 or 2 years to 802.11ax (expected maturity of openwrt support) and you'll probably get 2x or 3x speeds if you're lucky

So, I guess, the only chance is to combine somehow the 2.4 and 5GHz frequency taking advantage of the MIMO of the router to achieve a better speed

combine, no solution that I'm aware of
use 5GHz band instead if possible
or better - get yourself some powerline adapters if your power networks allows it (mine is not - for example) and you'll be much happier than meddling with wifi channels

Will try with 5GHz

I don't want to spend more money as I'm just trying to re-use a spare router I had at home and in the meantime learning something about local network environments :wink:

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I also think about such solution as combine using mwan3:

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Sounds tricky tho...

2.4ghz is congested- nearly every wireless device out there uses that frequency - there is only 70mhz total of width amongst all the channels in many countries. 2.4ghz is great for low bandwidth IoT devices. ~100mbps is about as good as it will get under ideal conditions with common devices.

For laptops / smart phones / Tablets Iā€™d dump 2.4 ghz - Go with 5 ghz only (use separate SSIDs for 2.4ghz and 5 ghz). Less congestion and more than double the speed.

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