Reinstall uboot?

Hello ,
I need your help with reinstalling the uboot on my router "Sanlinking D240"
by mistake I deleted him - so when I power up the unit I don't see nothing on the serial
is there any way to reinstall the uboot so I can start working on it?

Thanks ,

I think only JTAG

OK - didn't know it
do you know how to do it?
do you have any guide ?

Thanks ,

Well, there is very little information on it.
You are gonna have to do a lot of googling.
Do you have backup of bootloader or whole flash?

i dont have any backup, do you know if i can download it online?

You are gonna need to find someone who has the same device to make a dump.
Or if you can find a dump online

Also instead of JTAG you can try writing to flash using pomona clip so you dont have to desolder it.
For that you can use flashrom, what is part number of flash memory?