Reinstall - network file only has wifi info

I reinstalled OpenWrt on my sd card, but now the network file only has wifi info in it. There is no ethernet connection available. I don't understand how a clean install could be missing info.

What device are you using? How did you reinstall OpenWrt (what method)? How was it installed previously?

I installed both times using Raspberry Pi Imager. I even deleted the files before even though Imager should do that.

I have the Raspberry Pi 4 B.

First time install worked fine, but I couldn't get the wifi to work with a wifi adapter so I thought I would start from scratch.


With the Pi, you often need to first boot into the Raspberry Pi OS at least once and specify the country code for the built in wifi. Then you can take the card out and run one with OpenWrt.

The Pi 4 is a very capable wired router, but the wifi performance will not work well at all. The built-in Wifi is terrible and is not suitable for most normal wifi uses (fine as a travel router, as long as you don't expect great performance). External wifi USB adapters are hit-or-miss... most of them are very poor quality as well, and some do not support AP mode at all.

The default network file should have eth0 (built-in ethernet) mapped to the LAN, and wifi will be disabled. If you're not seeing this, please post your network config file (be sure that you have actually booted OpenWrt on the Pi and then share that file).

If you're using any external network adapters (wired or wireless), you need to make sure you install the drivers for them -- they will not work out of the box with the standard OpenWrt image.

I can run the Pi with Noob with no problem and the ethernet connection works fine. I've just been playing around with this and it's driving me crazy that it doesn't work.

Ha!!! I just notice that the network file is the same as the first half of the wireless file. So it looks like my install is not working.

This is new to me. I figured that Imager would overwrite the files, like it says. Even by deleting the files before, Imager is not working.

Is there a better way to install?

Format (ext4) the card so that it is fresh. Then download a copy of the factory ext4 image and write it to the card. Put the card in and boot... it should work.

Thank you so much. I should have looked at the app a little closer. I just assumed it would delete all the files and be fine. Its all a great learning experience. Thanks for helping!!!

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