Reghack with LEDE

I'm using a TP-LINK Archer C7 and the updated reghack from the OpenWRT forum doesn't seem to work with it.

I've manually installed the binary following this guide and it runs but I always get the following output

root@OpenWrt:/# reghack2 /lib/modules/*/ath.ko
mmap(): Invalid argument
Memory mapping failed (missing fs support?), retrying from tmpfs
Unable to find regulatory rules (already patched?)

and the wireless power is not unlocked, i.e. the power is not able to be set at 30dBm as it has been possible on older OpenWRT builds.

Has anyone got any suggestions?

CONFIG_ATH_USER_REGD is enabled by default, which means reghack isn't required.

Thank you for your reply @slh.

If the reghack is not required, why am I not able to set the wireless power to 30dBm?

Because (even if your hardware actually supports it, which is more than just unlikely) it's not allowed in your region. The limits as imposed by the regulatory domain database are absolute, as measured at the antenna, this means they include the antenna gain (which is somewhere in the 2.5-3 dB range for most routers) - so you can 'only' set the card to emit 27 dB, as the remaining 3 dB are coming from the antenna - with the total emission being 30 dB (again, that is assuming that your card really can do 27 dB, which is unlikely).