Regarding the tp-link C59 v2

This is my first time setting up OpenWRT so I'm a bit hesitant to use a snapshot but the techdata page for this router suggests it (

According to some of my own investigation on the github the router looks like it should be supported on latest stable but I'd like to double check that here before potentially bricking the thing. Is there any reason in particular this techdata page hasn't been updated?

If it is supported in 18.06.1, I would definitely start there.

The wiki is end-user maintained, so it often lags in updates, even for very popular models.

If the dataentry has been created properly, there's not much lagging.
The dataentry for Archer C59 v2 however is sub-standard.

@JamesT42 would you mind finishing what you have started?

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Great to see that data-entry-driven fields "auto-magically" update.

I'd still be careful with "blindly following" text entries on the wiki that often speak of and/or link to point-in-time files.

There is no support for C59 v2 in the latest stable 18.06.1, only for v1.
C59 v2 has only snapshot support.

I'm unfamiliar with how support for things works in this project but the pull request adding support for v2 was apparently merged July 30th ( which is what I was basing that assumption on.

Well I thought it would be better to have an entry instead of no entry. v2 is supported in snapshots, as the wiki entry states correctly.
I will make a note to edit the entry with more info when i find the time and find a source for that info, as wikidevi only has v1 and v3 info apparently.

I'm running current snapshots on this model.

There's nothing wrong with that, in fact, that's how it's meant to work. Plenty of entries exist for devices only supported in snapshot so far. The confusion stems from someone thinking it might be supported in 18.06.x already.

Next time, please take the time to fill the dataentry as much as possible, especially the OpenWrt download links.
Empty dataentries are not very helpful.

I'm running snapshot on C59 v2. First time running a snapshot, so I did not know the following: you need to manually ssh (using putty for example) and install the web management gui after snapshot installation.

Make sure you're connected to the internet and run:
opkg update
opkg install luci

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Thank you so much ceevee. I just got the C59 V2 today followed the two lines you wrote and got GUI from the snapshot!

Question out of curiosity but not necessity, if one doesn't have internet how does one install those packages?

@ninjanomnom I was able to flash this without bricking anything through the tp-link web interface:

Question out of curiosity but not necessity, if one doesn't have internet how does one install those packages?

I think you mean the packages for Luci? If so, you'd need internet at some point to get the packages, but here's instructions for offline installation (scroll down a bit).

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