Reflashing LEDE

I have a router with the installed assembly LEDE for MTK7628. For communication installed Telnet only (without LUCI and SSH). I would like to install a more convenient version LEDE, but when I try to install the packages for SSH



I can not download the new firmware to the router.

Latest version is here: but note that within days 18.06 will be out.

Oops out of replies. Anyway it's not officially out yet. Repo is being populated but not all builds are done, and announcement has not been made.

Oh, and the default has changed to passwordless SSH. No more telnet. (Note once you set root password it's not longer passwordless SSH unless you add an SSH key).

Ah, @lleachii is right - to do the upgrade you use telnet, but after that SSH is included by default.

Just use telnet to upgrade.

It is out:

I compiled the LEDE.bin from the sources but I do not know how to update it with telnet, because telnet does not transfer files to the router.

yes, I understand telnet is not secure and it can not be used, but for some reason it is telnet in the router. I compiled LEDE from the sources and can not load it into the router without SSH. The documentation says that you can download the firmware using the bootloader, but I do not know where to look at its parameters for downloading over the network.

You can wget the firmware file directly from the web to your router's /tmp/ from your telnet shell (make sure to use http, not https).

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Telnet appears fine. You just use it to connect to your router. You use wget to download the new firmware to the router. Your picture shows you receiving a 404 error updating the repository in an old version.

Simply wget the updated firmware to /tmp. Hopefully you installed sysupgrage into your BIN. You would then run sysupgrage -c foo.bin.

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Without sysupgrage, the upgrade process will not start? I do not need old configuration files, and if the update starts then this is the biggest reward for me!

Thanks! About the use of Get I did not think(

Sysupgrade is the command used to upgrade the router, it must be included in your Barrier Breaker BIN.

Thats what the -c is for.

Try it...that's what we're suggesting to you.

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Thank you very much! I will do it with sysupgrage.