Reflash/restore Netgear R6220 with original Firmware

Justin Case someone wants to revert back to Netgear's Router Firmware, which took some tweaking and trying, for me.
This worked for me, finally. From OpenWRT - (openwrt-19.07.1-ramips-mt7621-r6220-squashfs-factory)

Used nmrpflash -

Used Windows 10
Set router IP to
Ethernet card of laptop Def Gw
TP Cable to LAN1 on R6220

Router turned on, waited for "Advertising NMRP server on net5 ..." and turned off the router for 3 seconds, then on again.

C:..\Downloads\Firmware_Release>nmrpflash -i net5 -f R6220-fw.img -m 40:5d:82:cc:b3:68 -vv
net5: \Device\NPF_{F657D98F-FA7D-4DD2-A440-79B8A98D2F73}
Adding to interface net5.
Advertising NMRP server on net5 ... | <-- Turned off router HERE, waited for 3 sec, then ON
Received configuration request from 40:5d:82:dd:c3:78.
Sending configuration:
Received upload request without filename.
Using remote filename 'R6220-V1.1.0.86.img'.
Uploading R6220-V1.1.0.86.img ... OK
Waiting for remote to respond.
Received keep-alive request (249). (took some minutes for it to finish)
Remote finished. Closing connection.
Reboot your device now.


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