Redundant dual link

is there any software support for a redundant wireless point-to-point link?

It could be a link on two frequencies (2.4 and 5.x GHz), or on WLAN and LTE.
We are using a compex router.

Any idea?



About redundant link..., I recommend to chose for both ends same router model and set up with wds='1' in both 'ap' and 'sta' (client) in that way the packets will travel with 4-addr, (dhcp leases will work both ways) avoids to use imgpproxy and relayd. This is the easiest to do...

The ether-bonding will be necessary if you get kernel messages like "received packet on wlan0.sta1 with own address as source address" (packets will travel in one link and seen too in the other link and that will be a problem)

About the WLAN and LTE thing, seems you need dual-wan balanced or with failover I recommend to setup MWAN3 (find the docs), I just wrote a easy to follow instruction, mid-average knowledge required:

It would be difficult to get a point-to-point link using LTE (since carriers around the globe does not give public IP's and even not allow Port Forwarding), but you could set up an OpenVPN somewhere (definitly can not be done on the LTE end) and put a bridge to it (if in the other end you want LTE too, you will have to do the bridge somewhere else on a third location and have two bridges to that third location)