Reducing Flash Wear on R7800

I'd like to take as many precautions as possible to reduce flash wear on my R7800. Is there a guide for this? Can anyone tell me what should be done to achieve this? Thanks.

Running: HNYMAN OpenWrt 22.03-SNAPSHOT, r19540-945b13e369

By default OpenWrt writes nothing to the flash after the boot.
And at each boot just one small file is written as the next seed for the random number generator for the next boot.

So, unless you add packages that writes flash, you need to do nothing.

Ps. You can see all modified files in the /overlay/upper directory.

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As long as you do not frequently (cron) store any data on the internal flash, you have little to fear.

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Ok thanks. I have installed a few extra items, but I have them configured to write to USB. I guess I'm good to go.

In the overlay folder there's a 'upper/mnt/sda1' folder that seems to mirror the content on the USB. Is this just pointing to the USB drive? I did a 'touch test' in this folder and it wrote the file, but going to the actual usb/mnt/sda1 produces a "read only file system' error. I'm confused. The OpenWRT reports storage is 22MB/74MB used with RAM 255/463.

Sounds like that is the topic of your other thread.

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