Redport Optimizer Satellite WI-FI Router

Hi All

hoping someone can help me out here. The router seems to be a bit of a brick as I cannot get into the Shell with tftp through serial connection I have done the 30-30-30 Rest but not a dickie bird I fear the bootloader may be corrupted.

Does anyone no where I can download a bootloader so that I can at least use the tftp method the only site that seems to allow downloads of bootloaders is breed but they only use there own commands which are non standard.

The chipset in this router is Medeatek MT7620A Processor and the flash chip is a MX25L12835F. I have searched and searched the net and here but now running out of options.

I have the original firmware for this router which I flashed directly onto the chip but still no joy.

If anyone has advice I would really be apreacative.

Thanks In Advance