Redmi AX6000 failsafe reset not working

I got Redmi AX6000 few days ago, and i directly installed openwrt-snapshot version into it.

After installed, I tried to install wpad-mesh-openssl to make my wifi(2.4ghz and 5ghz)band-steering able,

During the process, I ordered 'opkg remove wpad *' and 'opkg install wpad-mesh-openssl'

but it says no packages there named 'wpad-mesh-openssl'.

So I just reboot my router and I can't access LuCI and ssh connection since then.

I tried failsafe mode,
led now blinking really fast, so failsafe mode works but I can't access ssh or even telnet.

I have no idea.. What should I do?

The following will reset any OpenWRT firmware config mistake (as long as the OpenWRT firmware partition has not been damaged)

First boot without pressing a button and wait until the main LED is no longer blinking.

Then press and keep the physical reset button pressed for around 10 seconds, until the main LED starts blinking.
OpenWRT will now start resetting/formatting the config overlay partition. This takes 2-3min, the LED might turn red meanwhile.

After that it will automatically boot back into plain unconfigured default OpenWRT and you are back in business.

I've already tried..

When I turn it on, LED never stops and keep blinking( I checked for 3 hours)

So I just pressed reset button for 30sec, but there's no difference..

  • If I press reset button when booting, LED color changes to red and keep blinking every 10 sec.

:frowning_face: I guess it is stock boot loader, according to its wiki page the only remaining option seems to be to use an UART cable and recover via TFTP.

I saw the TFTP method, but wiki seems to be speaking on the assumption that DHCP is working.

But my router doesn't work DHCP when I connect with my Windows, so can you tell me how to do it step by step?

Sorry for the clumsy question..

I dont have the device, just trying to advise based on the wiki content:
But you have not modified the boot loader, you need a UART cable. Some basic skills would not hurt either

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Use TFTPD64 as DHCP and TFTP server. Copy AX6000 recovery image to tftpd64 folder and remember to set PC's network card ip and mask before running tftpd64.

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