Redirecting ip addr to local page

I wonder if it is possible to redirect an ip addr (list is better) to a local page no matter what url is passed?


resolve all DNS request to a specific IP ?
make sure your clients actually use your DNS.

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You could rewrite the destination IP, but then the url the clients request might not exist on the server.
For example if one client requests and you redirect it to, it could work.
If the client requests and it is not on the redirected server, you'd get some error.
A captive portal might be a better solution.

You can write a rule in web server config to accept any URL, and always return the same answer, or make the 404 error page to be/forward to the intended landing page.

This obviously depends on which web server's used, but it should work in apache.

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I'd rather not use an std error.
edge gives you a game to play while waiting for an connection issue to be resolved