Redirect port 80 traffic to a random Web site

How would I redirect Internet traffic reaching my router's WAN to a particular Web site?

Suppose my public IP address was and I used a DDNS domain e.g.

Schematically the redirect would look like these:

  1. >
  2. > whatever is Google's IP address
  3. >
  4. > whatever is Google's IP address

Maybe not all four are possible.

My motivation is to understand how redirect works. Also, cases 1 and 2 would give me a convenient way to check whether DDNS is working (I don't need port 80 access to the router).

Either LuCI or config instructions would do. Thanks.

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You seem to be referring to HTTP redirection; you need to configure a HTTP server, listening on port 80 of the WAN interface, and configure the server to do the redirection to Google's URL.


OK. So OpenWrt can't do it (short of having a HTTP server installed to it). Thanks.

OpenWrt provides the built-in HTTP to HTTPS redirect.
So, the one you want should also be possible, something like this:


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