Redirect plugin?

Someone informed me that a link to a LEDE wiki page from an external site was broken. The LEDE page had apparently been moved, and it's now in a better place.

But we have at least one external link pointing to the original address. Is there a plugin that we could use to create a page that automagically moves the reader to the proper place?

Which page are we talking about?

It's fixed now, but I got this report...

On this web page -
This link -
Should be updated to -

So the immediate problem has been addressed (because the referring site was easily changed).

But if we have other broken links from (un-fixable) external sites, it would be good to have a facility in the LEDE wiki to guide people to new locations.

Why should external sites be unfixable? Do you have any examples?

Because (if we are successful at promoting LEDE), lots of people will cite pages in our wiki. If we move those LEDE pages (for good reason - say to improve the organization of the wiki) those external links will be broken. (I don't have any examples at the moment, though.)

It's certainly true that we can write to the owners of those other sites to ask them to update, but it's also useful to have the capability to redirect in the event that they don't respond.