Redesign the OpenWrt download page

I am glad you're looking at this. The current page (which I assume this would replace) has always been a real grab-bag of topics that were in some way related to "downloads". (At least, I felt that way when I originally worked on it.) I also like use of color as an indication of "safety". Some other questions/thoughts:

  • I couldn't tell from the mockup how would this integrate the Firmware Selector ( and the new, improved Imagebuilder ( Perhaps there could be a place to type in the router info within the Stable Release box?

  • How would this page look when we don't have a RCx release (say, we just released 21.02...)

  • Placing the Release, RCx, Dev builds at the same "visual level" makes them appear equally important to the OpenWrt "audience". I wonder if we want to emphasize the current Stable by making it the major item at the top of the page. That would give us space to describe the beauty of the current release version, its major features, etc. We can then list RCx, Development builds, and even Previous Builds a little farther down.

Thanks again.