Recursive dns (unbound) vs dnsmasq

Hello do you know by chance if there is such and such a preference between these two for gaming use? thank you

unbound vs dnsmasq

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That's very unlikely to make much of a difference for this use case. Even if there were a performance difference, your game shouldn't make that many different DNS requests at runtime - so everything needed should be cached and in the hot path within short time (before your game session has even started up).

Looking at it from another angle, dnsmasq (of varying ages, typically ancient versions) is used as the default DHCP/ DNS provider on basically any plastic router in existence, so that's what games have to work with.

While you can certainly have different preferences or demand other, advanced, features from your router, gaming shouldn't be that picky for this.


ok thanks for precision

Side note: DNS servers give you benefits dependent on number of users and complexity of DNS block lists or VPN split horizons. Unbound has an enterprise memory model, and handles being constantly pestered by many users better. dnsmasq is light weight and more efficient, so best when you merely have a handful of devices checking email and streaming youtube.


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