Recovery Samknows SK-WB8 erased/damaged eeprom

Hi all,
I have made a great mistake with my samknows .

  1. I have not made a backup before start any firmware change (my fault)

I was trying to reload stock samknows firmware provided by samknows.

As I see CRC error while reload the firmware I wrongly erased all the eeprom in u-boot mode.

After that the serial console is disappeared obviously. Only power led is showed

Is there someone who can provide me a way to reload and complete eeprom image / dump ?.

What I tried so far:

I would like to know if USB / Serial (via serial transfer) is usable in some way to bring back the router to life or there is some other way


if u still want a full dump from the spi i can provide it

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Hi. Thanks for your reply. I had this one year ago. Now it's lying on a shelf with openwrt on it. If you can provide a full dump. I'll try it anyway.

dump is with openwrt not the original samknows firmware:

Do you have the original somewhere?

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