Recovery Mode on TP-Link Archer C7 v5 (EU)


how can I bring my TP-Link Archer C7 in recovery mode? I tried to switch off the router, then press the reset button and hold it for another 5-10 seconds while turning on the router again. But that doesn't bring the router into recovery mode. No changes.

Firmware Version: 1.2.0 Build 20211210 rel.56314(4555)

Unfortunately flashing using the default TP-Link web interface doesn't work.

Hope you can help.


It's described in detail for your device on its device page in the wiki.

Can you please send the link? I can't find it.
I followed the instruction on other websites (as described in my initial post) but I was not successful.


That's exactly what I already did. But unfortunately, the router just reboots and that's it. No reset, no recovery mode. For that reason, I am trying to understand if there is another (new?) way.

Did exactly what, there are at least two installation methods in the link ..

To put the router in the recovery mode, there is only one way described in the documentation mentioned in the link above.

then you need to provide more specifics.
what have you done, and what doesn't work.

"it doesn't work" won't cut it.
unless you're fine with getting very generic answers back ...

The main goal is to install OpenWRT. Using the web interface of TP-Link doesn't accept the file when trying to upload it
So, I decided to try the TFTP way.
I've installed a TFTP Server on my computer, disabled all network interfaces except one (eth1), and set its IP to All firewalls have been disabled and I've even installed Wireshark to check the data flow, to make sure the router is trying to fetch the file. Of course, I used an ethernet cable and connected the router (I tried interfaces 01 and 04) with my computer. Then I continued with the described steps to put the router into the recovery mode by switching it off, pushing and holding the reset button while switching on the router again, and holding the reset button for another ~5 seconds.
And that is actually it. When doing it it doesn't seem that the router is switching into the recovery mode. I don't see any data flow on my computer (no TFTP, nothing on Furthermore, the router has just rebooted after trying to put it into recovery mode.

Power on with the reset button pressed, and keep holding the button until the WPS light comes back on. That may take somewhat longer than 5 seconds. If recovery mode has started, the only lights on should be the Ethernet port you are using and WPS.

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Did you renamed the filename accordingly and watched with tcpdump if something was transferred?