Recovering E8450 with OpenWrt

Hello All

I recently made a mistake with my Linksys E8450 running Openwrt. It was running happily for over 6 months when I decided to perform an image upgrade. Unfortunately I forgot that I was supposed to use the special build - ( to do this.

I am now stuck at the snapshot r17443-90ee167abaa and unable to save any configuration information.

Anyone know how to recover from this state? Appreciated.

Sysupgrade again?

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Sounds like you have now just the recovery image, and you need to use it to sysupgrade/flash a normal image.

Alternatively, you had some crash and there are now pstore debug log files, which causes the recovery version to boot. A power-off would clear them. Try power-off.

Ps. Note that you do not need the dangowrt installer after the initial installation. Normal sysupgrade should have been just file.

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I ended up following this -
Linksys E8450 Bricked - How to open the device? - #2 by stmtpr
setting up TFTP and loading the initramfs-recovery load.

All is find now!

Thanks all for your suggestions!

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