Recover tl-wdr3600

I have a wdr-3600 which I put an open-wrt firmware on about a month ago and it occurred to me to try the dd-wrt firmware to see what functionalities it had and it turned out that the device never came back, it restarted after having updated it and it never worked again, when I turn it on it turns on all the light bulbs and they turn off and it doesn't do anything else, I tried to put it in recovery mode and it doesn't, I tried to open it and program the tp firmware directly into the memory with a programmer -original link and they don't work for me, before doing the programming I read the memory and do a bacup and I see that it is blank, it has nothing programmed and the backup takes 8192kb and the firmware that I see there and I have tried They do not reach that capacity, I have already put several firmware on it and it is still the same, if anyone had a backup of this equipment and could help me I would greatly appreciate it or if you have any method that can recover it please contact me

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tengo un wdr-3600 el cual le puse un firmware de open-wrt hace como como un mes y se me ocurrio probar con el firmware dd-wrt para ver que funcionalidades tenia y resulto que el equipo nunca volvio, se reinicio despues de haberlo actualizado y nunca mas volvio a funcionar, cuando lo enciendo enciende todas las bombillas y se apagan y no hace mas nada, trato de ponerlo en modo recuperacion y no lo hace, obte por abrirlo y programarle directo en la memoria con un programador el firmware de tp-link original y no me funcionan, antes de hacer la programacion hago una lectura de la memoria y le hago un bacup y veo que esta en blanco no tiene nada programado y el backup se lleva 8192kb y los firmware que veo por ahi y he probado no llegan a esa capacidad, ya le he puesto varios firmware y sigo igual, si alguin tuviese un backup de este equipo y me pudiera ayudar se lo agradeceria mucho o si tienen algun metodo que pueda recuperarlo por favor, contacteme

Since it sounds like you installed DD-WRT, you will need to ask for help on their forums. DD-WRT is entirely different than OpenWrt, so the recovery methods are also different.

That said, you can try using the tftp recovery method assuming the bootloader is still working properly.

P.S. Please post in English. You may use an online translator, and you can also post your preferred language in addition to English.

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Thank you for answering so soon, but you do not have any backup of the firmware in your possession to be able to put it on and recover the equipment, remember that I am using a programmer, which erases the memory and then copies

No, the OpenWrt project doesn't store backups of the vendor firmware. You can reach out to TP-Link for that. If you need the device specific information (i.e. the factory calibration/ART partition), you will probably be out of luck entirely because it is not possible to copy the data from one device to another (it may cause major problems).