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So I flashed the snapshot from the 5th March (yesterday) and my BT HomeHub5A has gone into a crazy boot loop (it seems) . It comes up for a few seconds enough to respond to 5-7 pings before going down again. The problem is that the solder points on the circuit board are a terrible quality and have come off (had this issue with a previous one that I was trying to flash)

Anyway, is there a way to recover the device given the dilemma of the missing solder point on the circuit board which would prevent me from being able to use the serial method.

Thanks in advance

This sounds like a possible OEM TFTP recovery tool.

I'm hoping that your u-Boot is setup already - and waiting for a TFTP file. In the future, if you access and edit your u-Boot environment, you can configure the TFTP to boot without needing a manual command on serial.

I have same problem. On latest snapshot ath10k driver crashes and causes boot loop.

My solution:

  1. Connect with board using UART
  2. Type 'f' in console and enter failsafe mode
  3. Download previous (working) image via SCP (IP address:
  4. sysupgrade image
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I had the same issue with mine, the solder pads for both RX and TX came off and I wasn't able to get back to it. But then I used a really small wire and soldered everything with wires connecting them together.
The upper one TX only needs to be connected to one wire, you can connect it to any of the red lines above RX line but the RX the bottom one needs to be connected to two places which are marked with the red line connecting each other. You should know that you can skip the resistors, I was able to successfully connect without them.

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If you can boot into failsafe then it should be more easy to sysupgrade from there.

Thank you both very much indeed for your help. I managed to get into safemode (somehow) it started flashing red and I could SSH into it. From there I copied today's snapshot release and attempted to restore it but it ended up in exactly the same situation so I downloaded hte the 18.06.2 release and ran sysupgrade to the release version and it's back online now.

Where do I report an issue with the snapshot builds? It looks like the latest couple of snapshot releases have been dodgy.

@ahmar16 I will attempt this method on the other router that I thought I couldn't install OpenWRT on and let you know if I succeed. I would have to look for it first though lol

I think that should be

If you're 'just' dealing with ath10k/ ath10k-ct crashing, you might be able to get into failsafe (which doesn't load optional modules, like wlan).