Recover a bricked TP-Link EAP225 v3

Dear Friends,
After a failed firmware update, my EAP225v3 (indoor) does not boot anymore.

It also does not send a TFTP request when booting with the reset button pressed and I cannot reach it via an http interface.

I connected to the Inteface with Wireshark and unfortunately no packets are sent at all.

Are there any ideas to bring the device back to life.

Thanks in advance for any assistance

If it's dead when listening using Wireshark, then you'll need a flash dump and flash writer.

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Can you possibly tell me what exactly I need for this? Is it enough to connect a USB cable with certain PINS on the board and must I use certain device.

Sorry if the question seems trivial but I have always been able to restore devices with TFTP or other multicast tools.

You can always try serial 1st, maybe you'll discover it's not completely dead.