Recommended WiFi USB dongle for Raspberry Pi 3B+


The internal WiFi of my RPi 3 is slowly dying (loose the signal anytime it gets a bit hot, while other devices run fine).

I am looking for a recommendation for a USB WiFi adapter I can buy and that will work straight out of the box (no need to compile drivers, but download supported drivers is OK).

It is being used indoor only, with short range, nothing fancy, plain 2.4 GHz, in client/receiver mode. But I want something reliable.

Version of OpenWRT: the latest stable (will upgrade if/when needed).

What I am using OpenWRT for: the only internet access in my condo is via the WiFi provided by the condo, installing a private connection is not allowed. So I use OpenWRT as a router between the condo WiFi and my private LAN.


Olivier works very well here


Thank you, I will get one (but not from that Amazon link, it does not deliver to Thailand :slight_smile:

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It is working fine, thank you.

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