Recommended 5G Router as Backup for loss of Fiber

We had some storms that knocked out fiber to our house. I am looking to get a 5G router as a backup to the few times a year that I have a loss of fiber to the house. I looked around at some of the recommended options, but most were no longer being sold. It will sit on the other side of an opnsense firewall/router simply be a backup and doesn't need WiFi at all because that is all downstream. I currently use Verizon, so preferably the device should have SIM card capability. Does anyone here have any recommendations? Preferably a device that is supported by OpenWRT, but not necessary.

Any other solutions to my specific issue are welcome.

I don't think you necessarily need another router. Consider using 5G modem in Ethernet adapter as an alternative uplink to your existing router.

At the same time you could use a router running OpenWrt with MWAN3 package to get load balancing/failover between multiple uplinks.

Thank you! Do you have any recommendations for 5G modems?

I'm pretty sure you will get some other recommendations, but in reality you will have to choose from Quectel RM5xx models.

Looking them up now. Your help is greatly appreciated, AndrewZ.

You can start here:

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Above and beyond. I can't thank you enough. Hopefully, this thread helps the next person.

SimpleAdmin modem on Ethernet modem adapter rocks.
I like mine.

Just as an aside, if it doesn't happen regularly, it might be more sensible to forego the mwan3 aspect and rely on someone in the house to remove the patch cable from the ONT and put it inside the 4g/ 5g router (and powering it on), should the need arise. Not everything must failover automatically in a home environment, but of course there may be reasons to set that up nevertheless.

Or just use some old cell phone, and tether, via USB.


I have a home lab running services that I need maximum uptime for. So it would ideally never go down, but you make a very good point.