Recommendations on a router to use w/ LTE hotspot?

I'm trying to create a secondary network in my house using an LTE hotspot. I haven't purchased the LTE hardware or the router just yet. If it's a USB hotspot, the router would obviously have to accept that as the input connection.

Can anyone please recommend an OpenWrt router that is still supported, for use with my setup?

My ultimate goal is to setup a persistent VPN tunnel between my home network and my LTE network using Wireguard. Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

USB modems are getting phased out in favour of routers with built-in LTE - i.e. with mPCIe modems. I would suggest finding a router that has mPCIe port (I personally have WE1326 and WE3926, but there are many more), and then buy a mPCIe LTE card for your region. You can get some very decent cards of ebay for fraction of the price.