Recommendations of cloud VPN

Hello, I was trying to install a vpn server and clients but had a lot of connections problems now I'm looking for a vpn cloud any recommendations for vpn cloud for share network resources.


My recommendation is to "rent" a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and spin up your choice of an OpenVPN server or a WireGuard peer. Suitable servers can be rented at around US$5 per month. It involves some knowledge of Linux-OS configuration, but is reasonably straightforward.

This is what I do to protect my phone and public/hotel wireless connections.

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You can use OpenVPN:


IPSec, IPSec/L2TP, Cisco IPSec:

All this are ready recipes for building server for few minutes using servers.
You also can get one Raspberry Pi and running a home VPN server too.

Note, that using a KVM-based VPS provider makes possible to install OpenWrt, so you can utilize the OpenWrt wiki/forum for documentation/support setting up the server.