Recommendations: Looking for a good Access Point that can run OpenWRT

Hi everyone,

Been some time since I've been here. I wanted to ask you for a recommendation on an access point that can run OpenWRT.

I am currently running a Netgear R7800 with OpenWRT as an AP. However I would like to get PoE AP and flash OpenWRT on it. Does anyone know of a good AP that can do this? OR if you have any recommendations on a good PoE AP without having to flash OpenWRT, I'm open to that as well. I did find this thread, but curious of anyone else has any other recommendations. Currently my R7800 is set for WiFi N/AC (which is good for my current needs), and has (2) VLANs (one for WLAN and the other for WLAN-Guest). Also allows to pass-thru MAC-based VLANs. Setup has been pretty solid so far, but would like to be able to have the AP out of site.

I will say, I want to stay away from UniFi devices. I have never liked their equipment and always had issues with them, even when deploying for clients at my work (I work for an MSP and we stay away from those now).

Thanks on advance for any suggestions!

For a cheap device, there is the Extreme Networks WS-AP3825i, although install is quite complicated. For Wifi 6, the ZyXEL NWA50AX is pretty good.

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I have had very good success using the Cudy WR2100 (about $50 on Amazon).
Bought a second for better coverage.
They are routers with 4-port switches but I just use them as APs.
MediaTek chipsets, so none of the Atheros quirks.

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If you're happy with what you have but just want PoE, I'm running a couple of routers (one as an AP/managed switch and one as a router, both with OpenWRT) powered by this PoE splitter. They've been fine for many months now.

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Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I'll check them out.

While using a router as an AP works for the time being, I was looking for more of an AP that can utilize OpenWRT so I can get them mounted on a wall or ceiling...hence PoE. The PoE splitter looks good, but trying to not have to run any kind of higher voltage in the attic if I don't have to lol. However I'll def keep those in mind.

EAP615-wall (ax) is a really nice product and runs perfectly with openwrt. It uses PoE

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Yea I did pick one up and seems to be running pretty good so far. I am having an issue with setting up a Guest WiFi VLAN on it tho. I think I have it configured correctly on the AP. Pretty sure it's an issue with a configuration on my switch, but can't seem to figure it out tho.