Recommendations for physically small 1-port access point

Occasionally I like to use my iPad to airplay something onto my Apple TV so it appears on my TV. This is once in a while and usually for limited viewing of something that ends after a few days or week.

It's complicating my VLAN setup to have my access point on the same subnet as the Home Theater equipment that the Apple TV is included in. I was thinking it would be convenient to attach a physically small access point (all it would need is one port) so that I could switch it on as needed to allow iPad to airplay to Apple TV.

Anybody know of a piece of hardware that fits this description, something you can recommend?

gl-inet devices would be good candidates.

If your access point is vlan aware (it is if you are running openwrt), you can have the ap active on the same subnet as your appletv, but it does not need to have an address on that network. This makes it a simple, transparent bridge that is only accessible from the designated management network, and not your media vlan.

gainstrong oolite v1, to be found on alibaba. I used it in the past for mac sniffing on wifi. The stuff from GLiNet is larger.

Repeater-style devices (integrated wall-wart) might also fit the bill, e.g. around here the D-Link DAP-X1860 is regularly on sale for very little.