Recommendations for a U.S. VPN provider focusing on Stability and Cost

I'm in a rural Pacific NW area with 5Mbps down on a good day. I'm looking for VPN provider recommendations focusing on reliability, cost and corporate ethics.

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Using Torguard here. No complaints.

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ovpn popped up recently in the news as they just successfully defended their no-logging policy in Court (thepiratebay case)
I would also check out AzireVPN as the're one of the first promoters of wireguard - great protocol

Only 5Mbps on a good day. Ouch. Hey, the good news is that you should have no trouble getting your max line speed even if running OpenVPN instead of Wireguard on your router!

Protonmail offers a free OpenVPN option that won't even come close to limiting your max line speed. The price is right, and protonmail is legit:

The limitations may not work for you (e.g., no P2P for the free option), but paying for more bandwidth may not make sense for your situation.