Recommendation wanted for supported VDSL router for OpenVPN

I've put LEDE on my HH5A, but it performs awfully when running OpenVPN (lack of CPU grunt).

I'm loooking for recommendations for an 802.11ac router with embedded VDSL2 modem that is supported by LEDE and has more than enough CPU grunt to handle OpenVPN connection without impacting performance. If it can also connect later to a modem that's even better :).

I was looking at the Netgear D7800, but sadly I'm told the VDSL modem isn't supported by LEDE.


Not that much choice:
Even less choice when you filter for availability...

The general advice regarding DSL is to let whatever DSL modem you have or can get hold of do the job, and put a LEDE router of choice behind the modem.

Somebody CMIIW, but I believe the HH5A is currently the only router with support for the xDSL modem, 5GHz radio (let alone AC), and gigabit ethernet.