Recommendation Router Wifi for 100+Mbps with 2 VLAN + VPN

Hi all,
I have been using Openwrt for a few years and very satisfied with its features and flexibility.
I am looking to invest in a new router to match my needs.
I'd like something that could handle 100-200mbps with:

  • router connects to the ISP box over 5ghz wifi, I will then use ethernet if I can sort out something through the wall.
  • Connect to internet via VPN, OpenVPN at the moment, WireGuard when the VPN will give the ability to use it on openwrt.
  • one VLAN with clients on 2.4Ghz wifi
  • one VLAN with clients on wifi + maybe 1 ethernet port
  • no need of usb ports

Based on experiences, do I need to target specific high-end routers for this or can I go for a middle range routers? I have seen that some people also use RPi4 but I have not looked into that yet.
My main focus is to deliver good performance over wifi range & speed for one vlan (the other one does not require much bandwidth), and maybe 2 ethernet port (1 used for ISP-router connection, 1 port used for router-computer connection).

Thank you

OpenVPN requires a lot of CPU. If it weren't for that, a typical MT7621 box would be fine. You could use a Pi as a big CPU LAN device running the VPN client. Trying to make a Pi the main router doesn't make sense here since you'll have to add separate APs for WiFi and USB converters for Ethernet ports-- really the only thing useful in the Pi is the CPU.