Recommendation: pure AP - multi SSIDs, vlan

Hi everybody,

i could use a recommendation for a WLAN AP that is well(-ish) working for my use case.
I have a separate router and vlan aware switch that is routing my internal networks either via my normal ISP Wan or via VPNs to the internet. i would like to separate Wlan IOTs from guest wlan.

A good signal quality would be more important that pure throughput (if that is separate from each other).

Ideally the device would cost under 100€, if really worth it it can be up to 200.

i thought i decided for an Linksys EA6350, but when trying to get one via ebay i could never say if v1, v2.. which made looking for the device a little tricky. so would be good if it would be available in EU/Germany and ideally easy to identify (hardware revisions).

PS question: i have a gift cert for Amazon US, i cant use those APs because of different Frequencys or are there devices that can be just "set" in software?

thanks a lot,

Should be able to find a Netgear R7800 second hand for sub 200. As a device its probably ”middle age” now, but should be good for at least another 2 years, probably 3-4 most likely.