Recommendation please - OpenVPN capable device

Hoping for advice/recommendations, please.

I'm in the UK.

I need to buy a job lot (maybe 60 or so) of OpenWRT-compatible routers that meet the following requirements:

  • Run OpenVPN at a decent speed (which I think means a processor with some decent grunt is necessary). Something in the region of 30Mbps is adequate.

  • Support 2.4Ghz

  • Support 5Ghz

  • Incorporates at least 2 copper Ethernet ports

  • Likely to still be available for the next year or two (I'm likely to need to buy more and it would be nice to standardise if possible)

I currently use Linksys WRT3200ACM devices and they do the job just fine but given these are discontinued and seemingly no longer available for purchase other than in ones and twos (or used on eBay on ones and twos), I need to identify an alternative. I need something reliable and well specified so I'm willing to compromise on price and pay a decent amount (up to a point!) rather than scrimping a few pennies and getting hardware that might not be up to the job.

Recommendations gratefully received. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I'd check which of the or offerings fit your needs and are supported by the mainline OpenWrt (or are close enough).

EdgeRouter4 (guess 6 and 12 also). These are OEM OpenVpn routers. I use the EdgeRouter4 at about 36Mbps with iOS devices.

Used the wrt3200acm before but that device never got above 30Mbps if I remember right.

This may help narrow down targets to consider:

I'd stay away from ipq40xx if your'e tempted by it being close to 30 Mbps and inexpensive. I retired mine - got tired of the wonky switch for VLANs and having to manually install a board calibration file after every OpenWrt upgrade to get decent 2.4 GHz WiFi performance.

If 20 Mbps is close enough to 30 for you...there are a lot of MT7621AT devices to choose from. Otherwise, ipq806x or above...