Recommendation for upgrading current setup

Hi guys!

Currently I have the following setup: D-link router (ISP) -- tl-wr1043nd (dump ap) -- cisco STB
(I have a problem with the STB, but it's a different topic)

We've moved into a new house (new for us), and it quite long. The other end of the house is 15meters away from the router, and I have a PC there with a tp-link 300mbps pci-e wifi card.

The router's signal wasn't strong enough to reach the PC, so I've bought a wifi repeater, but it's soooooo slow I can't really use the internet.

I'd like to upgrade to a recent AC solution, but I have a limited budget (let's say about 280usd).
I had two options in my mind:

  1. Buy a Linksys WRT1900ACS and an AC PCIE card for my PC and be happy (I don't know if it has enough range to go through 3 rooms)

  2. Buy two TP-Link Archer C7, put one beside the ISP's router, the other at the end of the house and connect them with UTP (I'm sure it will have bigger wifi coverage, but I don't know if I can hide the UTP cable :D)

Any advice is welcome, thank you for your help!

Greetings from Hungary!

P.S.: Linksys would be better for LEDE, it has more power to run a lot kind of stuff

You might also consider using WDS with two TP-Link Archer C7's instead of a cable...