Recommendation for supported travel router?

At the start of last month, I bought a couple of TP-Link travel routers to smooth out some of my hotel wifi experiences. While that's kinda done the trick, I had hoped that I could install OpenWRT on the better of the two (TL-WR902AC) to gain OpenVPN support, but apparently 5 ghz isn't supported on it, and I'd really rather not lose that.

So, I'm starting over and asking for recommendations; what is the best fully supported travel router you can recommend, preferably with 5 ghz support? A battery pack that can power it and charge devices would be a bonus.


3 devices in the list matching your criteria (less the WR902AC):[Device+Type*~]=travel&dataflt[WLAN+5.0GHz*~]=n

Both recommended GL-inet devices (AR750 & AR750S) are working flawlessly with OpenWrt, incl. 2.4G & 5G wlan. The AR750S has NAND and NOR flash. With the plain vanilla OpenWrt image you can only use the latter flash type (initially only flashable via web based uboot).

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