Recommendation for NO-wifi NO-NAT router manageable from all sides

Hi, I'm looking for a recommendation for a cheap manageable physically small wired router without wifi. well supported by opensource.

What I'd like is to manage a 10.x.x.x network (with DHCP and static address) from my 192.168 network. For example to change my 10.1.1.x network to a 10.1.2.x network from my desktop at without having to get a laptop.

GL-MV1000 is rather compact, rather beefy, and supports OpenWrt. Not really cheap though.

Ubuquiti Edgerouter-X is $59 MSRP. Four LAN ports, one WAN port; purported to handle many hundreds of megabits of traffic.

It does fq_codel (to prevent bufferbloat) out of the box and I believe can be flashed with OpenWrt.

I have not used the Edgerouter-X, but have used other Ubiquiti products - their LAP-GPS and point-to-point radios for providing internet access to remote locations (potentially several miles away) and the radios are easy to set up and incredibly reliable. They provide first-rate products at an astonishing (good) price point.


Thanks for the the good advice all. I'm going to try the edgerouter er-x 5-port. I also have had good experiences with ubiquiti. Got one on order. Thanks again.

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