Recommendation for LTE Router with M.2 with SIM

There are quite a few boards/routers out there that have a Mini-PCIe slot with SIM in them. However, we would like to use Sierra Wireless EM7565 which unlike their other cards, is only available in the M.2 format.

Anyone have recommendations on something that has a M.2 with SIM? Ideally it would have a couple gigabit ethernet ports, 802.11AC wifi, and be low cost if possible.

So far I have found the MinnowBoard Turbot Dual Ethernet Dual-Core which is $175 (or the quad core version for $199). This seems to be a good fit, but doesn't have wifi built in. It does have a M.2 slot with SIM.

Could I use a Mini-PCIe to M.2 adapter?

Seems like all you need now is a compatible USB WiFi adapter(s)... maybe I missed something???

Yes, I guess that would work for the wifi aspect, but seems expensive. By the time I add that, and a case of some sort I am in the $300+ range.

Does an adapter like this allow me then to use any board with Mini PCI-e


You think a USB WiFi adapter runs $125!?!


I'll be honest, I'm not a specialist on 2 things I'd need to know to give you a clear answer:

  • If the M2 and PCI-e are directly compatible or if some "conversion" takes place in the adapter
  • And even so...if the drivers are cross compatible for...x manfacturer's hardware...

This leads me here:

I thought you handled the cellular card, I thought this inquiry was regarding WiFi...does this board have 2 M2 slots???

No, the minnow board only has one M.2 slot, so that would be taken up by the LTE card.

Correct. And that is an M.2 device...leaving 0 available slots on the board...

So...Wifi...will have to be via...USB??? Correct?

(Am I missing your inquiry...or are you just worried about the compatibility of the Sierra Wireless EM7565?)

I am more worried about the Sierra Wireless EM7565 card working, which requires a M.2 with SIM. Overall, now that you mention wifi I don't think this Minnorboard would be a good fit. It would be if I didn't want Wifi.

I am not leaning towards more of the traditional boards that do have a Mini PCIe with SIM, and just using the $10 MiniPCIe to M.2 converter. So this gives me a lot more low cost options right?

Verify the Linux driver covers this model, fist.

As I mentioned, research how the adapter works.

Did you mean "now leaning??"

If the adapter and compatible drivers work, yes you're right, this would give you access to more boards, if you must use an M.2 device.

Couldn't you use one port and and an old device as for an "access point?"

SolidRun has a few, such as the ClearFog and ClearFog Pro


Sorry to bother a year late, however I'm on the same boat trying to find an LTE capable router. What did you end up getting ?

I'm trying to find something with at least 256MB of ram, Ideally 1GB and 2+ cores.

My turn to ask, what did you settle on?

I'm still trying to decide, but really need to make up my mind quick, as it's getting a really pain not to have proper networking at home.

I've been using a we826 with an mc7455 modem (m-pcie) and have recently upgraded to a mtk rbm33g with the same modem, I am looking to upgrade the modem to either the quectel em20 or em7565, either way I will need an adapter, I have been looking for boards with an m2 slot that supports m2 + sim. I gave up and settled on the rbm33g. What it does mean is that i can add a wifi card, currently the board has a compex wle900vx 3x3 card in it, all in all its a great solution for my needs.
I only upgraded the board as I found that the fast ethernet only ports on the we826 were being saturated and capping at 99mbps, on the rbm33g the limit is now the modem, on my cellular service the max I have seen is 193mbps, but only when the towers are very quiet. Just thought i'd chime in on this discussion as I've been through a similar process in terms of what to get. Have a look at The ROOter Project,, its openwrt but geared towards cellular, in my experience so far it produces a much more stable internet connect than qmi and mbim on plain openwrt.

This is what I've got:
Builtin Wifi, and slot for the SD card.

Does it have a WPJ428 inside?
How is the OpenWRT support for it?
What modem are you using?

I have a EM7455 modem in a USB enclosure attached to a portable router.
I'm looking for a compact all-in-one solution.

I would prefer the WPJ428LV version, so I can use a low voltage adapter.

Yes it does. And it's POE capable.

I hope it is ok to bring this thread to life again after a long time.

I am also looking for a Router Board with ...

  • WiFi
  • M.2
  • SIM Slot
  • roughly 10cm x 10cm

... and honestly the Compex WPJ428HV would be perfect for that usecase. However it looks like there are no new and official OpenWRT builds anymore available. As the latest build for the platform is 21.02.6.

Are there newer builds anywhere, that I miss?
Or other boards with this specifications?

Looks like a perfect candidate. I have not tested it though. Haven't checked if it is supported yet either, but given the platform that should be a no-brainer.

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No case available for sale afaik

I don't need a case.

#edit: cant buy the Banana Pi R3 Mini unfortunatelly, because this AliExpress vendor does not send it to my country :frowning: