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Hello OpenWRT Community,

I already asked this Question in the r\OpenWRT but would like to also ask here for some recommendations in addition to the ones I already got and I hope to find someone who can help me :slight_smile:

I live in Europe and have a Budget of around 175- 225 Euro

Network Needs:

  • I get 250 MBit/s from ISP and therefore the Router should at least have this Throughput.
  • The Network is used for 4k Netflix/IPTV, Gaming, 4k NAS Media Server Streaming (only internal Network) and Torrenting.
  • I want to divide the network in at least 3 VLans (IOT Devices, Home Network, Guest Network).
  • Provide 2,4 and 5 GHZ WLAN with two-three different Networks (IOT, Guest, Home) for my Flat. WLAN Stability and Throughput should be very good because my main Workingstation could not yet be connected to the LAN (and has to be reached through a concrete wall).
  • Limit Traffic between the VLANs, maybe even completely prohibit one VLAN from exiting to the internet:
    • IOT Devices should neither see any other device on their wlan nor have access to the other netoworks or the internet (some exceptions included)
    • Home Network should be able to do everything
    • Guest Network only has access to the Internet.

My current Hardware:

  • ISP Router/Modem which is pretty useless and sometimes just drops the WLAN connections.
  • Netgear WAC 104 AP with which was quite bad in my expirience (currently not used).
  • TP-Link TL-SG108 unmanaged 8 Port GBit Switch

My Considerations so far:
- Using an Ubiquiti Edgerouter X to manage Security, Routing and DHCP, I don't know if the default Firmware has the Capabilities for those tasks, if not using the OpenWRT Image. (Around 50 Euro)
- An Archer C7 v2 for the WLAN with OpenWRT Image (Around 60-70 Euro?).
- WRT1900ACS (As suggested in Reddit) or WRT3200ACM with OpenWRT Image (140 - 220 Euro)

I have to check again but I think I only have Devices for my Home Network on the Switch and therefore might not need to Update this device.

Could you help me with a direction for the Hardware I might need or if the Considered Hardware is sufficient.

Br Salz

Maybe you can grab a old or 2019 Turris-Omnia of ebay, would be my dream router outside of building my own x86_64 based one. Its faster than a WRT1900ACS, while not having the same WiFi driver issues and can easily serve as a NAS/torrent client.

Example for 250€

The wrt1200ac is also a good base device you might get cheap used, if you add a stable WiFi AP its similar to a WRT1900ACS setup.

250 Mb will be pushing the Edgerouter-X CPU. The Archer C7 is single core MIPS thus completely underpowered here.

Ordinarily a single combined unit could provide adequate wifi coverage of an apartment, but if there is a concrete wall involved you may need an additional AP.

Hey, thanks for the suggestion :smiley:
I wont have the Device as NAS or Torrenting Client! For those purposes I already have a NAS and my Workstation.

Ok, what do you think about the WRT1900ACS/WRT3200ACM or the Turris Omnia?
The Current AP in my ISP Modem/Router is able to provide more or less stable WIFI to my Workstation behind the Wall. I hope that the new Device will be able to do that to.
If not I will need to buy an additional "stupid" AP

For an apartment and if you already have a switch, I really like a GL-B1300.

All Linksys mvebu devices have marvell WiFi chips, which have bad driver support and are known for causing unstable/slow WiFi.
The exception for the mvebu platform is the Omnia, which uses two Qualcomm Atheros pcie-modules aka ath9k/ath10k-ct drivers, which have very good opensource drivers.
You could also add whatever pcie WiFi module you want later on to the Omnia, since they are not soldered, potentially allowing you to upgrade your WiFi to whatever standard/updates comes next or is better supported in OpenWrt.

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At some time in the future, if you want multiple VLANs (which I think is somewhere between a good idea and essential these days), I'd suggest a managed switch. Used Cisco SG300-series 28-port units are around US$100-150 (and don't cost much more, are fanless, and don't draw much more power than the 10-port units). Some have suggested the upper-range ZyXEL units at a similar price. (I haven't checked the used market for the SG300's replacement series).

250 Mbps with SQM ('bufferbloat" control on the ISP's line) is at or beyond the limits of MIPS-based all-in-ones, like the venerable Archer C7v2. SQM pretty much requires the CPU to handle every packet, so you don't get the big gains in throughput with flow offloading (sort of the EdgeRouter X's "claim to fame" at its price). ARM-based units on the ipq40xx, ipq8068, or mvebu OpenWrt "targets" are better choices.

Hello Jeff,
currently only my home devices are connected to my switch and therefore won't need a managed Switch yet. I will think about it in the future and then I would love a good Cisco Switch because I configured dozens of them, so the IOS configuration should come easy.
Ok, so the Edgerouter will hit its Limits if I can achieve my promised throughput of 250 Mbps and the Archer is even less capable of handling those speeds ...
So I am back at:
mvebu: WRT Lines, the Omnia
ipq40xx: Fritz Box, ???
ipq806x: R7800???

Try the EspressoBin Board... From GlobalScaleTechnologies...
MVEBU supportedby OpenWRT 19.07 and ARMBIAN...

The V7 Board with 4Gb eMMC has my preference, and you can add compex atheros miniPCIexpress WiFi card, also supported...

1.) Turris Omnia 2019 would be perfect but is killing my Budget with around 275 € Cost.
2.) My First Consideration with the Edgerouter and the Archer C7v2 would most probably to weak for my 250 Mbit ISP Line. --> Units with ipq40xx, ipq8068 or mvebu will be better choices.
3.) Linksys Devices with the marvell Chip have bad driver support and have often unstable WiFi which might or might not affect me.
4.) Another Solution might be an EspressobinBoard with an miniPCIExpress Wifi Card.

So far with all the recommandations i am currently thinking about using either the WRT3200ACM (~175) or the R7800 (~180).

Currently I would tend to the R7800 but I am not completely sure yet.

What about the Turris Mox, just add what you need its similar to the Turris with slightly lower CPU's?

Just to tell others what solution i picked:
I bought the R7800 from Amazon Warehouse for around 140 €.
Installed the newest OpenWRT Software without a Problem and changed my Network according to my plan.
Now I have 3 VLANs (Guest, IOT, Home), 4 WLAN (2,4 GHz: Home, Guest, IOT; 5 GHz: Home) and a connected unmanaged Switch (TP-Link TL-SG108) for my Wired Home Devices. The connections between the networks work exactly as I would like them to (See my first message).

Additionally i installed a Wireguard Server on the Router which was really easy to setup and works for my Android Mobile but not for my Windows 10 Laptop. Need to investigate further.
I tried to use SQM on my 250 MBit ISP Line but then the Router maxes out the CPU at 75 MBit and it seems I get more Bufferbloat than before. Without SQM, the Router has absolutely no problem providing the 250 MBit ISP Speed.
Next step would be to have unbound as a DNS Resolver installed.

Only one time the router was not responding to anything and I had to reboot it (with power button). I still need to investigate this incident.

Thanks for your recommendations and merry christmas to all of you :slight_smile:

Sorry for the hijack, but am also in a similar boat - my new fibre (250 Mbps up/250 down) connection has surpassed the limits of my venerable btHH5. While on the lookout for a R7800/WRT3200xx I also am considering an x86 box based on the J1900. At ~150€ they seem hard to beat, or am I overlooking something?

I'd spend a bit more and go for something like a Zotac CI329, which has a J4100 (IIRC) which is more powerful and has AES-NI for faster VPN speeds, if you need it. APU's and the Odroid might be options as well... You'll need a device for an AP, though...

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