Recommendation: 3,5" esata harddisk case for R7800


i want to buy an esata case for a 3,5" harddisk to connect on the esata port of my netgear R7800.
I think of getting a used "Fantec DB-ALU2e". Its with 3gbit esata port and usb 2.0 . Chip ist Asmedia ASM1051. i like to have the possibility to use standby mode of the harddisk.

is this case good and will it work together with openwrt?
do i have to look out for a special chipset?

Thanks for recommendations

Wouldn't it be more efficient (energy, bandwidth ...) to use an external 2.5" HDD or SSD on an USB3 port ?

I have read that usb3 is disturbing 2,4 GHz WiFi ... But you May be right ... 2.5 USB 3 ist perhaps more Energy Efficient

Good point.

I have a 3.5" HDD case, with esata/USB2, and I must confess that I don't use it anymore for years. I just keep it for vintage purpose. 2.5" HDDs with USB3 are faster and more energy efficient. But I have never used them attached to a router.

As for you recommendation question, I guess that any one will do. ASMedia chipsets are classical for add-on sata hardware (case, PCIe card ...)

FANTEC DB-ALU3e-6G : this model supports both SATA 3/USB3 for link to a computer, and esata to link to your router.

for esata its just external sata so it has no chip-set just adapter cable
I think unfortunately the r7800 has the uncommon esata with no power without USB in it
so please check tho as there are 2 types of esata connector
but it may be hard to find and will need external power for drive enclosure

i do use the esatap on my ea8500 it works well