Recomendations for use with 100Mb/s leased line

Hi looking for recommendations on hardware and setup...

I recently upgraded to a leased line @100Mb up/down. I've been told i should buy a cisco 5510 to plug into the cisco 890 BT managed router.

I currently have a wrt1200AC I've used as a load balancer on 3 VDSL lines and use this a a firewall and dhcp server

will the wrt1200AC not be up to the job, do i really need to go the 5510 route?

and what would your recommended set ups be?

The WRT1200AC will do it just fine


Cisco 5510 is an ASA firewall, that has reached end-of-life already. Not the best advice you could get.

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I agree with @diizzy, the wrt1200 will handle 100mb including sqm I'd guess

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ok cool i'll stick with it then wipe it down get rid of mwan3 get the latest build on there and see how it goes and create a bunch of new traffic shapers for 100/100

or i suppose i could keep it as is and get a usb 4g for it as a redundancy

i guess i just point its wan interface at the cisco and set its ip to be the gateway

... and forward everything from the Cisco 890 to the WAN IP of the OpenWrt (if you have servers and need the ports forwarded).

If you install the latest build and tell it to not keep settings, you'll get a wiped down out of the box config all at once.

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Is it 100Mb/s (as the title suggest) or 100MB/s (as the first post says)?

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ah good catch, I was definitely thinking megabit but megabyte meaning 800megabit would be a problem for this hardware, so clarification needed.

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sorry typo


its a leased line @100/100 not 1000/1000

i've been resisting upgrading it from v17 as i'd have to configure the switch and mwan3 again and not sure how well mwan3 is runing in v18

Take a backup, upgrade. If you don't like it downgrade to 17 and restore backup.

my plan is to use the second boot partition so i keep my v17 in tact

That should also work.

I got the WRT32X, similar hardware to your 1200AC but slightly faster, got off Amazon for $99. It does 250 down / 35 up for me with SQM with no issue so you should be fine. Handles my USB 3.0 external drive read-write over the network at a really fast 80MB/s too.

yep seems to be performing great i haven't put some of the more demanding tasks on it yet like load balancing and netflow ( just running a vanila build a the minute). but it seems to manage 96/70 down with SQM for 25 users and possible 40 devices

So why do the net comms "specialists" recommend old out of service hardware when cheap consumer grade is enough to cope

Cause this is as far as their knowledge can reach.