Recomendations for travel router pocket with dual core cpu

recomendations for travel router pocket with dual core cpu , thenks preferibly + usb port and 5ghz wlan

pocket size would probably be something from GL.inet.


AR750S has been my travel companion for several years.

And I'm using the non-S version - AR750.

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gl a 1300 is very good ,sadly uses a old version of open wrt, i wonder if open wrt support it so i can buy and flash itgl A1300 open wrt gl

No, it uses the Qualcomm SDK, which isn't in any way related to proper Openwrt.

its weird they say they use openwrt and i liked because dual core @1.2ghz also pocket router....any alternative? thenks

its sad i see no driver even, and qualcom not arm :confused:

It's missleading advertising, not the 1st time it happens.
I think they say "based on" nowadays.

Check the ToH.

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by the toh i found ac902 v3 but is slow and to be a road warrior it stays short that is why im trying to find other replacement

Maybe the gl.inet mt1300 Beryl?
I have this one and it's working well. I use it with latest beta which uses openwrt 22.03.3 I believe.

There's also an openwrt page about it but not clear if it's fully supported by vanilla openwrt at the moment.

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reread Recomendations for travel router pocket with dual core cpu - #6 by frollic

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what about a Nanopi R5C ?

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just discovered today that the Banana Pi R3 has a "mini" version, the Banana Pi R3-Mini :

All this fancy stuff, and only USB2...


that's a travel router...when you travel you don't take all your house with you :joy:

I do, in the form of an USB3 drive ,)

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Then there is GL-INET MT3000....I like that form factor more than the BPi Mini....

I'd probably still pick the Lanner NCA-1010.

But nowadays getting a USB-C powered device might be better for travels, currently I am using GL-INET MT1300 which works pretty well (that's why I haven't think about getting the MT3000 yet)