Receiving IPv6 DHCP-PD from a routed modem

Hello everybody!

I have 2 ISPs at home, haven't yet installed mwan3. One ISP modem is bridged, the other is routed. I'd like to not bridge both modens.

In default settings, OpenWRT is able to receive IPv6 global prefix from the bridged modem and distribute addresses to my LAN. But when I use the routed modem it doesn't work, OpenWRT itself receives global IPv6 address but LAN devices don't.

Is there any setting I can do on OpenWRT/Luci, or on any txt config, or maybe install some package? Or is it an issue on the modem that's not delegating PD properly? I browsed modem's admin pages and found nothing about DHCP-PD, nothing about disabling or enabling, it only shows its IP addr and prefix.

My objective is to receive DHCP-PD from both ISPs and have OpenWRT distribute IPv6 addresses from both prefixes to all devices and mwan3 load balance them. I wanna get IPv6 working first before installing mwan3.

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