Rec Request: 8xLAN or Router+Switch?


Obviously, looking for new devices that are OpenWRT-compatible. I was hoping would be an option but it doesn't seem to have firmware available. Open to spending up to $1000 for the right setup, though closer to $500 would be ideal.

LAN Devices:

  • Server running a bunch of containers and doing media transcoding from the NAS
  • TrueNAS Mini XL (2x 10G ports, link aggregation for fun?)
  • Main computer, Media computer, PS5, RaspPi running PiHole, Work computer

Other data:

  • ISP is selling 1000Mbps down, 25Mbps up, over DSL (seldom get this effective down speed though)
  • Minimal wireless use, smartphone + guests, older apartment building so noisy wireless space
  • No need for USB

As stated in subject line, looking for a Router that either has 8 LAN ports, at least a couple capable of 10G, or a smaller 4-port router that can link aggregate to a switch, though if I go this direction I'll want at least 16 ports so I can play around with more Raspberry Pi devices etc.


Get a 2-4 ports router and connect a managed switch, wouldn't this be easier?

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okay, which ones would you choose that I can find on the market?

I guess something like Linksys E8450, and I currently use Mikrotik CSS326 which is a 2x10G SFP+ port + 24x1G ports

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